Puget Sound Music Therapy

      Strives to offer high quality music therapy services to individuals and agencies with diverse needs throughout Seattle – Tacoma area. We utilize music as a therapeutic intervention by harnessing the abilities of clients to achieve optimal functioning.… ...

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What our Clients say

"This is not the cliché "listen to music to relax" therapy most think of when they hear the term "music therapy". This is a life-changing therapy that works! My mom was not able to move for months and couldn't talk. We found Megumi and she understood right away what my mom has been through and how to truly help. After a few (music therapy) weekly sessions, my mom began moving her legs and talking louder and voicing her needs. We have seen more improvement in the few months Megumi has been working with her than we saw with PT, OT, and ST combined for over a year! Megumi is amazing and we are so thankful for her and SO glad we found her!"

Lindsay Client's daughter

"Music therapy can be used as a means for my daughter to achieve other therapeutic goals in PT, OT, and ST. I would absolutely recommend music therapy to everyone. The benefits are countless and worth my time! "

Melissa Client's Mother

"My voice has gotten louder, I can talk more, answer spontaneously, and voice more needs/wants. I can now kick my legs out, pull them back, and tap my toes. Give it (music therapy) a try, you will be amazed at all you can do! It's a fun way to learn how to get your body moving again. You don't really feel like you are doing exercise repetitions because you are moving to fun, familiar music."

Susan Client